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Welcome to Sapphire Waste Services

We provide the below services,

  • Oily water collection, up to 10% hydrocarbons within the Bega Valley Shire
  • Septic and effluent waste

We have approval to discharge waste from the following Shire's rateable land:

  1. Eurobodalla - Moruya S.T.P (sewerage treatment plant)
  2. Bega Valley - Merimbula S.T.P
  3. Gippsland - Mallacoota & Cann River S.T.P

We pump & clean septic tanks, effluent and greywater holding tanks. We also offer wastewater treatment system pumping (eg. Biocycle, Envirocycle, super treat system etc.).

Latest News

Collection of oily water within the Bega Valley Shire

April, 16th, 2017

We now offer the service for vacuum collection of 10% hydrocarbons and water, also known as oily water.

Out of sight out of mind right? Wrong!

January, 19th, 2017

Just like changing the oil in your car, Septic systems require de-sludging.

Solids: The Enemy of the Septic Tank and aerated wastewater

September, 11th, 2016

When a tank inspection reveals excessive solids accumulation, sticking with a three- to five-year pumpout schedule is not enough.